Network Security


Our network security solutions provide intrusion prevention and firewall protection next generation, advanced behavioral analytics and threat detection: many features designed to protect the next generation networks.

Our framework of network security implementation ensures optimal availability, security, integrity, flexibility and management simplicity, while reducing as much as possible the expenses and risks.

  • Blocking advanced evasion techniques: Protect your network against sophisticated avasion techniques, often used by motivated hackers which have a lot of resources when attempt to access protected networks and launch advanced persistent threats.
  • You can define granular use strategies based on the user or user group applications, the type of traffic, the target IP address or source, interface or the domain name and the time or day of the week to manage the network bandwidth more efficiently.
  • Securing data centers ;
  • Privacy ;
  • Securing Databases ;
  • Secure email and web ;
  • Endpoint Protection ;
  • Identity and Access Management ;
  • Secure mobile environment ;
  • Securing Networks ;
  • Risk and Compliance ;
  • SaaS (Security-as-a-Service) ;
  • Security management ;
  • SIEM.

Network Engineering


DataBox provides its clients with a multitude of networking business solutions that meet the need for secure and profitable Internet access and multi-site enterprise connectivity.

Its solutions are ideal for deployment in branch offices or multi-site networks for applications ranging from the expansion of bandwidth and VoIP to the point-to-point connectivity, MPLS, VPN, ADSL and Ethernet.

  • Our products enable Internet communications, video, voice and data over a variety of network infrastructures. Our solutions are currently in use by service providers, private enterprises, government organizations.
  • Innovative VoIP solution for businesses that simplifies migration to VoIP call that solves the feedback of complex networks and issues of interoperability of equipment.
  • Wifi networks that enable companies to significantly reduce the cost of deploying and operating wireless large-scale networks while providing an equivalent wired network performance for users of wireless equipment solutions, homelessness integrated, as well as security and management for professional quality policy.
  • Broadband Access
  • Carrier Ethernet
  • Ethernet Switches
  •  Integrated Access
  •  IP Business Gateways
  •  Mobile Backhaul
  •  Narrowband Access
  •  Network and Configuration Management
  • Optical
  • Optical Networking Edge (ONE)
  • Routers
  •  Unified Communications
  •  VoIP/IP Telephony
  •  WAN Access
  •  Wireless LAN