Project meetings, sales meetings, product development meetings are operations that are part of our everyday work and and as a strategic imperative, whose good management actively contributes to the success of all businesses, whatever their size or their industries.

The unified communications solutions allow you to manage perfectly collaborative component in your business.  A diverse and powerful range of solutions at the cutting edge of technology, that help your team regardless of their geographical distribution around the world to meet and collaborate anywhere and in real time.

Whether you are in the banking, petroleum, financial sector or any other branch of activity, our unified communications solutions enable you to benefit from a host of features with minimal equipment, minimal investment and with infrastructure, installation and with the most simplified use : Video conferencing, audio conferencing, instant messaging and collaborative content sharing are among the services that will fit perfectly in your meeting rooms and what you get in real time and in high quality and definition.

Scalable and interoperable solutions

Polycom exclusive reseller in Tunisia, we offer the only solutions providing audio integration and scalable HD video in environments using the Microsoft unified communications solution consisting of Microsoft Lync, Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server.

Our Polycom Microsoft Lync has been designed in conjunction with Microsoft, offers a fluid solution for unified communications and collaboration audio and video conferencing on-site and cloud.

Together, Polycom and Microsoft provide a fluid solution for unified communications and collaboration audio and video conferencing on-premise and cloud.

You have more freedom of choice through the Polycom RealPresence Platform and Microsoft Collaborative application that work better together (thanks to the “Better Together” features).

With interoperability, the Polycom UC solutions also allow you to connect natively to standardized video systems, wireless clients and Cisco TelePresence Suites.


Functional benefit

- A complete range that includes all components of unified communications: audio, video, content sharing, instant messaging …
- Inspires trust and ensures clear communication
- Abolishes temporal and spatial barriers
- Add the ability to work anywhere
- Optimizes collaboration and improves productivity
- Expands usability in collaboration
- HD Video, audio and content sharing quality
- Improves collaboration with its ease of use and user-friendly interfaces.
- Multipoint and content sharing features allow easier and seamless collaboration for teams at remote sites, facilities and locations.


- The lowest Ownership total cost and the fastest return on the investment on the sector.
- The bandwidth savings of up to 50%.
- Interoperability and standardized native integration with leading communications solutions
- Simplified installation
- Customizable and scalable options to help you  to gain the maximum potential of your system over the long term
- The Polycom Touch Control feature enhances ease of use and simplicity of solutions by giving users full control with a single click
- Natively Integrated Solutions with partners such as Microsoft, HP, IBM, BroadSoft and others (including support for non-standard TIP protocol) extend your network in the enterprise and business-to-business.
- Intuitive RealPresence Whiteboard software is integrated to a productive collaboration
- A unique voice detection technology ensures users an intelligible and truly immersive experience regardless of the size of conference, while optimizing the return on investment for your enterprise.
- Indefinitely expandable Solutions with flexible input / output options that connect cameras and devices without problems.


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