Our monitoring solutions deliver data to help service providers manage their networks. These data include performance, quality of service (QoS) and customer analysis.

We guarantee the performance, scalability, granularity and interoperability based on standards.

Our Supervision and performance management solutions use data client-centered to outline improvements that increase the effectiveness of marketing programs.

Similarly, our solutions provide test and measurement communications, and develop innovative test solutions for network and communication services of next generation.

  • Prevent fraud and loss of traffic while improving the quality of service for customers ;
  • Create comprehensive dashboards and KPIs to deliver statistical reports for clients ;
  • Provide maintenance and technical support by offering high performance and the ability to identify, isolate and resolve problems quickly ;
  • Optimizing the network operator and Planning ;
  • Performance Management Network (SQM / EMC) ;
  • The optimization of the capacity of data ;
  • Network deployment ;
  • Integrate the functions of audit service and reading on DSL, Fiber Optic, Ethernet.
  • PIC Solution (Performance Intelligence Center)
  •  ICEM intelligent management of the customer experience
  •  Operations QoE Driven
  • Customer Experience Analytics
  • Vision EMS
  • Vision SP
  • VisionMETRIX
  • NanoNID
  • antMODULE
  • EtherNID
  • MetroNID
  • MetroNID GT
  • MetroNID GPS
  • VeloCITY FS™
  • MetroNODE LT™
  • MetroNODE 10 GE
  • La gamme V-NID
  • R-FLO® Solution
  • VeEX ™ MX
  • VeEX ™ CX
  • VeEX ™ BX
  • VeEX ™ OTDR
  • VeEX™ TX